Wedding Bouquet – How to Prepare Your Greenery

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Floral Designer Margaret Flis breaks down how to prepare the greenery for your wedding bouquet.

    Margaret Flis

    <span>Margaret Flis is owner and floral designer of Gathered Stems, a unique and charming flower shop in McLean, Va. She has been in the floral industry for 19 years creating hundreds of original designs for weddings, parties, and other special events. Originally from Maine, her designs reflect her love of nature and her idyllic style. She often uses fruits, rocks, mosses, and dried materials along with fresh flowers to communicate an individual feeling in every arrangement. She uses a hands-on approach to create custom designs for the home, and provides every client with personal attention.</span>

    Margaret Flis: Okay. I am Margaret Flis from Gathered Stems and I am showing you how to do a wedding bouquet. The next step to putting your bouquet together will be to prepare your greenery, similar to how you prepared your flowers. This is a greenery called Bupleurum. Its very nice because it has a nice apple-green color to it, makes everything look very fresh. Similar to how you did your flowers, you are going to want to strip off all of the foliage, anything thats going to fall below the top of the bouquet. With a bouquet, everything that is important is at the top. So, all of this down here needs to come off.

    Get a few of those together. The next type of greenery that we are going to be using is called Israeli Ruscus; this is great because it has the nice firm texture and bright green at the top. Again, you are going to want to strip everything off. Just leave yourself that little floret at the top. And the other greenery we are going to be using is called Lemon Leaf or Salal; again, you are going to want to take everything off up to the top. Leave yourself with two or three nice pieces of foliage at the top. Ill go ahead and let you get caught up on that, and when we come back, well be actually putting the bouquet together.