Wedding Bouquet – How to Store

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Floral Designer Margaret Flis demonstrates to store your wedding bouquet.

    Margaret Flis

    <span>Margaret Flis is owner and floral designer of Gathered Stems, a unique and charming flower shop in McLean, Va. She has been in the floral industry for 19 years creating hundreds of original designs for weddings, parties, and other special events. Originally from Maine, her designs reflect her love of nature and her idyllic style. She often uses fruits, rocks, mosses, and dried materials along with fresh flowers to communicate an individual feeling in every arrangement. She uses a hands-on approach to create custom designs for the home, and provides every client with personal attention.</span>

    Hi, Im Margaret Flis from Gathered Stems, and I am showing you how to make a wedding bouquet. Were now at the point where youre going to store your bouquet, because you will be doing this the day before, so youre going to need to have a water source, but its very important that you dont want to get the ribbon wet. So, take a vase and put I would say maybe a half an inch of water in the bottom. Then take some paper towels, ball them up and put them in the water, let them soak up most of the water. This is going to keep any sloshing of water from happening. You can go ahead and take your bouquet and set it down in there, push it down into the paper towel, and this can be stored in your refrigerator overnight.

    Right before the wedding, when you take it out, you will want to again, take a paper towel, really dry these ends, because you dont want water running down the front of your wedding dress, and give it another snip. Here you can actually take a little bit more off, and youre ready to walk down the aisle.