Wedding Dance – Begin Teamwork Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Deborah Joy Block discusses beginning teamwork skills for a wedding dance.

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi! I am Deborah Joy Block and this is my husband Brian Block and we are here to help you prepare for your first dance. In this segment, we are going to cover teamwork with your partner. The first and foremost important rule of ballroom dancing is to remember that the man is in charge, he is the leader on the dance floor, that is the role that he takes on. So he initiates all of the movements. The womans role is to trust that her leader is going to make her look great on the dance floor and react to his impulses. The way that a woman is going to feel the lead or the impulses from the man is to through his diaphragm. So that is the next topic we are going to discuss. The diaphragm is located at the sternum area and the gentleman with his weight over his toes is going to gently fall toward the woman, she feels that and react and gets out of the way in time to not get stepped on. The next concept we are going to cover is the way that the gentleman actually navigates the woman around the dance floor. He steers her for lack of a better turn or navigates for with his upper body, his shoulder and so he is going to turn his shoulder to initiate the movement. He does not use his legs to steer the woman as they are not connected there. The next rule of dance in dancing with your partner is that we travel in a counter clockwise direction around the room. This is called the line of dance and all couples that are dancing on the floor should be dancing in a counter clockwise direction that way we avoid traffic jams or accidents. And the last component of teaming that we are going to cover today is the frame, how we hold each other. The couple's hands are held or crossed at the womans jaw height, the womans hand is slightly above the bicep and the man's hand is at her shoulder blade. There should be resistance in the frame so that the woman cannot swim around from side to side or forward and back instead the gentleman holds her firmly. So when she tries to move back, she cant, if she tries to move forward she is stuck and if she tries to move side to side, she is also locked in place. Now the official way to hold in a formal dance is off center, hip to hip with the woman leaning back. However, this is not so romantic because the woman is looking off into the corner here and the man is looking over her shoulder. So it's often not very conducive for a wedding gown, especially if you have a big one. So a lot of couples find it more comfortable to be nose to nose, toes to toes and squared up with a little open space between them. So perhaps you should save the close contact position for the honeymoon and now we can focus on the grand entrance.