Wedding Dance – Fox Trot Quarter Turn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Deborah Joy Block demonstrates the fox trot quarter turn.

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi! I am Deborah Joy Block with the Wedding Dance Specialists. And I am here to help you prepare for your first dance at your wedding. Now we are going to talk about the Quarter Rocking Turn.

    The Quarter Rocking Turn are incremental and they turn about 45 degrees each time. No need to be overly ambitious and try to make a 90 degree turn, all at once. Basically the gentleman will be in his frame and he will take a forward step and then land with his feet together, collecting, and then take a back step and his feet will collect.

    The reason we actually turned is because my shoulders or the gentlemans shoulders would steer and navigate first, before taking the step. So he will turn his shoulders and then as he takes his step, his ankle will naturally turn out. Then your hips are already aligned at this 45 degree angle and you will bring your feet together and then as the shoulder turns again, the toe will turn inward like your pigeon-toed and then the feet will come together and now you have made a 90 degree turn.

    And then on the side step which we will be leading with the inner sole of the foot and then dragging the inner sole of the foot together. So at it's 45 degrees, 45 degrees makes 90 degrees and there is no need to do an additional turn on the side step. The side step just punctuates the movement.

    So it's forward, touch, back, touch, side, together.

    The female does the reverse. She will do back, touch, forward, touch, side, together. And again, we are incorporating all the techniques we talked about earlier with good posture, leading with the heels as you take a forward step, stroking with the toe as you take a backward step, keeping your thighs close as you take your step and brushing your ankles, as you collect your feet.

    And now we are going to try this in real time with music.

    So that's how to do the Quarter Rocking Turn and in the next segment we are going to the working on the Under Arm Turn.