Wedding Dance – Fox Trot Under-Arm Turn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Deborah Joy Block demonstrates the fox trot under-arm turn.

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi! I am Deborah Joy Block and this is my husband Brian Block with the Wedding Dance Specialists. We are here today to help you prepare for your first dance at your wedding. We are now going to cover the Under Arm Turn. The Under Arm Turn begins by stepping into prominent position. This means that the gentleman's foot will be perpendicular to his standing foot and then he is going to raise his hand up incrementally so that when his second stride comes across his hand has reached the top of the lady's head. The women will be able to turn at this point and the gentleman will bring his feet together as she completes the turn and then both people will take a step to the side and together. The lady's role is as follows. Taking a prominent step with her first step and then crossing over with the second step as she is releasing the arm up, spiraling around on her left foot and then side together with the gentleman. The spiral requires that the women keep all of her weight on her left foot as she locks her right foot in place until she is completely turned around and can collect her feet. When the gentleman starts to raise his hand, she releases his shoulder, as the arm comes up, her other arm comes up, she caresses her side of her neck and then she waits to bring her arm back around until the gentleman closes to her, then she closes back to him. Now let's take a look at the Under Arm Turn in real time with music.