Wedding Dance – Grand Entrance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Deborah Joy Block discusses the grand entrance for your wedding dance.

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi! I am Deborah Joy Block and this is my husband Brian Block and today we are here to help prepare you for your first dance at your wedding. Now we are going to talk about the grand entrance. It is so important to have great composure when you are making your debut on to the dance floor because your audience remembers the first and last parts of your dance more than any other aspect. So for a elegant but simple grand entrance, the gentleman should offer his hand to the lady and the lady accepts by placing her hand on top of the gentleman. We keep the hand at hip height and apply some opposing pressure and energy to the hand, so that we can really connect and feel each other and the gentleman is able to then better control the womans movements without having to grip or hold on to her hand. The lady's arm is elegantly placed to her side either in the air in this position or by holding her dress. The gentleman has his hands securely behind his back. We then proceed to the center of the dance floor making eye contact with our guest, chin is up, smiling confidently. When we approach the center of the room, the gentleman walks backwards as the lady walks forward and we look adoringly into each others eyes. Then the gentleman raises his hand as both parties move toward each other, taking six steps to meet and then we sway to hear the music and to secure our frame. This is the perfect time for a little dance and romance to clam your nerve and to show your guests how relaxed and comfortable you are. So you can seal this deal with a kiss and now we are going to try this with music. [Music Playing]So now you have seen the grand entrance and it's time to work on our first Fox Trot Pattern.