Wedding Dance – The Finale

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Deborah Joy Block demonstrates the finale for your wedding dance.

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi! I am Deborah Joy Block with the Wedding Dance Specialists and I am here today to help you prepare for your first dance at your wedding. We are now going to talk about the grand finale, which will be an Oversway Dip in this case. It's really important to go out with a bang and your audience will really remember the ending of your dance. So the grand finale is very important. The gentleman's role with the grand finale's Oversway Dip is to sway back and forth during the last few seconds of the music of the song, move toward the partner slowly and incrementally, get offset from the partner and then take a side step, rotate the shoulders and the foot 45 degrees keeping the back legs straight and lunging forward on the front leg while maintaining your weight, his weight centered in between both legs and leaning back over the right hip to offset his balance, so that he is not leaning on his partner. To recover from the position, he should bend his knee and bring his feet together, so that he is not lurching forward or gets his weight trapped on both legs, as he tries to recover. It's also important to hold the oversway position in the dip for about 5 seconds to give your audience a chance to take pictures. From the lady's perspective, the Oversway Dip involves a step to the side, a rotation so that her knees come together and are supporting each other. She should displace her lower body weight backward over her back leg so that she takes the strain off of her lower back and her knees and is more comfortable. Then she should turn her shoulders toward the audience and turn her chin so that it's over her left shoulder which will give her a nice neckline. The bride should always look at the audience or her guests and smile and remain in this position until the groom brings her out of it by lunging forward and bringing her feet together. And now we will try this together as a team. Once you recover from the dip, it's the perfect time to incorporate another romantic kiss. Now that you have seen the grand finale, we are going to move on to cover your exit off of the dance floor.