Wedding Day Makeup – Dark Complexion Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist Tu-Anh demonstrates how to apply wedding day makeup on medium to darker skin complexion including how to apply eye makeup.

    Tu-Anh Nguyen: Hi! I am Tu-Anh with Polished by Tu-Anh. I am showing you how to apply wedding day makeup on medium to dark skin complexion and now I am going to show you how to apply eye colors. We already prepped the complexion, so now we are going to put an all-over eye powder to set the eyes before we put eye shadows on, okay. So I am using an all-over eye brush, look down for me please, okay. It comes on kind of light but as you see right here it blends right in with the complexion. Okay and this way. Okay, look up please. And then next I am going to apply a color olive green and I am going to start with the lips first. Well look how nice this is coming out and I am actually going to put it all over, and if you see how I am applying it, it's very light, okay. Now we are going to do the other eye. If you see I am doing the whole lid and I am not going too high just yet and then I am going to build up at the corner right here keeping it still soft and light. I am going to highlight a little bit at the bottom, so you can see that nice green and it's really all in the application because you don't want to pick up a lot of color, you want to start with a little bit and then build up. And then now what I am going to do is I am going to go straight to the liner. It's is a concealer brush and I wet it with water and I am picking up the cream liner right now and we are just going to add that touch before we do the last step.

    I am coloring in the roots of her lashes. On medium to darker skin tone you can get away with using a lot of different colors. You can use a black, you can use purple, you can use mid-night blue, you can use dark green. As long as the color is dark, so that it shows up. Look down, thank you. This looks good. Okay, look down. The idea here is to keep it very natural, and looking flawless. And I am going to do a little bit on the top but with Roselin's eyes I am actually going to do a little bit from the corner in, okay. And at the top, the base of the lashes and I am going to put a little bit on the side right here, also same brush just picking that color. I am not going underneath the whole eyes. I am giving her a little bit of a smoky effect and then now I am going to put a highlighter color and in Roselin's case I am going to use a golden bronze a little bit. And just right underneath the brows if you see as I am doing it right here, not too much. Okay, this side. I am going to tone it down just a little bit by using the same powder color, the same base color that's nude and I am just matting it down and I am just applying it underneath a little bit, same color to highlight, okay. And then now I am going to apply mascara, look up. And the last step is my favorite and it's the white eyeliner. Okay, look up. It really brings out the eyes, and that's how we apply eye colors.

    Next I am going to show you how to apply lip colors.