Wedding Day Makeup – Dark Complexion Lips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist Tu-Anh demonstrates how to apply wedding day makeup on medium to darker skin complexion including how to apply lip color.

    Tu-Anh Nguyen: Hi! I am Tu-Anh with Polished by Tu-Anh. I am showing you how to apply wedding day makeup on medium to darker skin complexion. And now I am going to show you how to apply lip colors. So on Roseline what I am going to do is she already has beautiful lips and she has some color there, so again I am just going to choose a liner that matches her lips maybe a little bit more color and I am applying it on to the whole lips. So you want to color in the lips and be very careful so you are not going outside of the lips, because her lips are already full, okay. And a great thing about the pencil is that you can always carry it with you as well, if you need to touch it up but as long as you are filling the lips in. See now you have a nice, nude and natural color. So what I am going to do next is just going to apply a nice gloss on it that has some color, let's try this, yep, perfect. Okay, and the idea here again is to keep it very, very soft and natural and bridal looking, okay. And that's how you apply lip colors on medium to dark complexion. Now you have seen weeding day makeup looks for all skin colors. These techniques will make any women look beautiful and flawless on her very special wedding day. Thank you for watching.