Wedding Day Makeup – Fair Complexion Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist Tu-Anh demonstrates how to apply wedding day makeup for fair skin complexions including how to apply eye makeup.

    Tu-Anh Nguyen: Hi! I am Tu-Anh with Polished by Tu-Anh. I am showing you how to apply wedding day makeup on fair to medium skin tone. And now I am going to show you how to apply eye makeup. And we already prepped the complexion. So now I am going to set the eyes by applying a nude color that matches the skin. And what you want to do is set it above the eyelid, underneath the eyebrows. Okay. So that it just gives you a blank canvas to start with on the eyes. Open for me please. You also want to matte it down at the bottom. Look up as well. And I am using an all over eye shadow brush to do this. Okay, I am also going to matte it on this side. Setting it right here. The reason why I am doing this is sometimes we have a little bit fine lines underneath the eyes and the makeup tends to get creased underneath there so that is why I am just doing this to set it. Okay.

    I am actually going to apply eyeliner, but I am not going to use the pencil and I am using a concealer brush and a cream eye shadow or just a flat dark color eye shadow. Before you apply eye shadow colors or anything I am just spraying and making the brush a little bit wetter. Okay, look down, keep your eyes open for me Kelly. Thank you. The reason why I am not using eyeliner pencil is because it is not natural. So what I am doing is I am coloring the roots of her lashes. If you can see this, it is very fine. The brush is perfect for this. The eyeliner brush is not going to be able to do this because it is a little harder and it's a little -- you know it's going to be a little rough on the skin. I color the roots of the lashes so that you can't tell where the lashes separate. And now I am going to do the same thing on the other side. Okay, if you see here, now here eyes are all set and you see that it brought out her eyes and it didn't even look she has eyeliner on. So the next thing I am going to do is I am going to apply it on the top. But watch how I use the brush. Because you want it to be very, very natural and gentle. Very lightly I am dabbing on the base. Actually, right at the base of the lashes where they grow. Open. So if you see there is a difference between the two eyes, but it is very, very little and it is subtle. Okay, look down. I am going to do the other eye. So this is perfect and with Kelly, because her eyes are already big and they look really nice so I am probably not going to apply eyeliner at the bottom. And now I am going to use a color to give some definition, but I am going to do a very light silver grayish color because you don't want to make her eyes too dark because it is going to clash with the white wedding gown. I am just going to apply a little bit from the middle, out to the side just to give a little bit of definition. Okay. If you can see right here that's all I am doing. And if you want to make it stand out a little bit more you can just dot it to the side so it kind of gives some highlight right there. Let's do on the other side. Turn this way, perfect. You can see here it's blending in with her natural skin tone. It looks really nice. And then now I am going to do a little bit of the highlight color. Just applying a little bit of a shimmery gold color and you are just going to put it lightly. You can see here underneath the brows. Okay, look at me here. Right there and I am blending it out. Open for me. Perfect. Look up. And I am going to highlight a little bit at the bottom. Turn the other way, a little bit here. The next thing and the last thing is going to be mascara. See here. Look at me. Perfect. She has got beautiful lashes. Now with Kelly, I am probably going to just touch-up the mascara a little bit at the bottom and then lastly we will give do the last finishing touch. Look up for me please. Okay, and this is a really good trick and you want to make sure that you do this is the white eyeliner pencil and you are going to apply it. Watch where I apply on Kelly. We have this natural pinkish line right here so sometimes if it's really pink or red, it can make us look very tired so I am applying it here so that it brings out the eyes. I am going to continue on the other eye. Look up. Okay, right here. I am blending it in right here. And that is how we apply eye makeup. Next, I am going to show you how to apply lip color.