Wedding Dress – Details

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridal industry expert Nancy Griffin shares tips on how to narrow down your search to find a wedding dress that looks the best on you, works for your budget, and has all the other details you’ve been dreaming of!

    Nancy Griffin

    Nancy, owner of Beautiful Bride and Formals in Waldorf, MD and LAdy Hamilton in Arlington VA. I was the manager of Beautiful Bride and Formals for 18 months before I purchased the store. We carry moderate to better bridal gowns. I have been the owner since 1997. In 1998 I purchased Lady Hamilton which carries better to couture bridal gowns. I have been the buyer as well as in charge of all advertising and marketing for both stores. Nancy Griffin received her BS in business from Boston University.

    Nancy Griffin: Hi, my name is Nancy Griffin; I'm the owner of Lady Hamilton, a Bridal Salon located in the Washington DC area. We are her in Arlington, Virginia. We are here to discuss how to select the prefect wedding gown.

    Now that we have gone through all of the steps on finding a gown, we are going to narrow down our search to find a dress that looks best on us, best for our budget and has all the bells and whistles that we were looking for since we were a little girl.

    Now that we have found the body shape that works best on our body, we are going to look for the specific detail that draws our eye. There are many different styles of necklines, different waistlines, within the different shapes of the dresses and with that the individual salon, with their individual dresses as well as a professionally trained sales consultant will help you narrow down those choices. This particular dress thats next to us has more of sweetheart neckline, which can be flattering for different body shapes, but there is also straight across. There are dresses with sleeves, without sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves and thats really personal preference. So, there are so many different things to choose; beads, no beads, what style of beads, what color of beads and not just really the window dressing on what body shape is best suited for each individual shape.

    Once you have found the bead work, that you really love with the neckline that works best for you, the sleeve or no sleeve, lace or no lace, that you and your mom both agree upon. The prices exactly right, the salon offers all the services that you are looking for, that its time to go ahead and make that purchase because you have found the perfect gown for you.