Wedding Etiquette – What to do Before the Wedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Etiquette Expert Elaine Swann will give you tips on what to do before the wedding.

    Elaine Swann: Hi! I am Elaine Swann with Everyday Style. Today we are going to talk about wedding etiquette for the guest. Now first and foremost, let's begin before the wedding. When you get that invitation in the mail, be sure to RSVP that means Respond, Please, the bride and the groom, they are counting on you to send your response whether you are attending or not. This way they can get the information and their head count to their caterer. When you get the invitation in the mail, invitees only please. For example, if the invitation says, Jack Jones, then that's the only person that's invited. So don't bring anyone else along uninvited. Now when you go shopping for the gift, for the bride and the groom, it's a great idea to just send the gift rather than bring it to the wedding. It's always cumbersome for someone, whether the bride or groom or even a family member to have to lug all those gifts from the reception site to their house. Now we have talked about what to do before the wedding. Let's talk about, how you should act at the wedding.