Wedding Favors – Making a Ribbon and Flower Candy Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding favor designer Kristin Crosby demonstrates how to make a ribbon and flower candy box for your wedding favors.

    Kristin Crosby: Hi! This is Kristin from I Do Wedding Essentials in Leesburg, Virginia and today, we are learning how to make wedding favors. Right now, we are making a more expensive wedding favor design with candy and this will run you about I'd say around $2.50 to $3, depending on what type of candy you fill the box with and the type we are using is a gable box. It's actually from packaging supply companies. It's cheaper because it's not made specifically for weddings, but there are cute little size; you could fit a wine stopper in here if you wanted to or I will take bigger candy. You don't want to go too small like M&Ms are. You are really going to be using a lot of candy for this, but it also allows for some nice ribbon and things like that.

    So I like to use these a lot. So we are just going to use some taffy for this one. Taffy you can get in bulk. You can get some really great deals on it. So I like to use it a lot and you can get in any color, so you can match your wedding colors. So it's really a great candy to use, especially because it's nice and big. So I am just going to load it up and the gable box just snaps close like that. We are going to use some ribbon since we did pink and green candy, we will do pink and green ribbon.

    I have already pre-cut this ribbon. It's about a foot long and what I wanted to do is just go right to the top and to the front and since I am going to be putting my decoration right here on the front, I want my ribbon to kind of bear it to excellently cover up with my glue marks. It's nice the kind of thing I am putting it on the bottom, so people aren't going to be able to see the seams, but a lot of the times that really makes the box sit uneven on the table and it wobble and some of that thing.

    So if you can and if it doesn't bug you too much, try to put it right where you going to put that decoration. So now I am just going to glue a thin little line where I want that ribbon to come down and these glue guns you can get at any arts and craft store and I think they run a $1.99 or $2.99, so they are really inexpensive. We are just going to center that and then we are going to glue this top piece down, another little thin line of glue there and keep in mind it is very hot glue believe me. You will get major blisters if you let the glue touch your skin. So be vary of that. So now I have got my green on there; I am going to put the pink one on now. Since we are going with the pink and green theme, same thing, just going to put a little dot up here to put the bottom on, lay-in ribbons make things look more expensive and it's nice and cheap, so it's a good way to dress up a box, especially a plain box like this -- and another little dot and there we go. Great things about hot glues, it dries nice and fast; so you can get stuff done quickly.

    Okay, so now, we got our ribbon in place. We are going to put a few silk flowers on, actually just two; we don't want to do too much, since I am also going to put a butterfly on. Silk flowers, you can get anywhere; you can get any color, nice, tiny ones are great for boxes and these are cherry blossoms, which even you can get in darker colors and these are super inexpensive each you get them in bushes. So we are just going to glue two of those on and I am just going to put the glue right on the back here. All I've done is cut these right off of the stem of the bush and I have cut them, maybe like an eighth of an inch away from the actual flower because I want that plastic to actually keep the flower intact, but I want to be able to press it nice and flat on my box. So I am just going to push it on the box or I could do that and we'll join another one, up little higher and we are going to hold a second, just to make sure it stays.

    Alright, so we've got our two flowers on there and now, I have got a butterfly. You can get them in many colors and again, just at your regular art and craft store. They can get a little pricy. I think this one is probably around 50 cents itself; you get them in depending on the size of the pack you buy. They are little more inexpensive, but the problem is, usually they're in variety packs and you only want that one color. So it kind of makes things more expensive. So I am just going to take them and sometimes I break their wings a little bit just because they don't like to bend very much, but I want their wings to stick out a little more. Don't break them so much that they come completely off though, but I just break them a little, so that it sticks up and I am just going to put glue on his body here and then I am just going to put it, oh -- down here, covering up one of my flowers a little bit. It looks like I got a little bit of extra glue there. If you get glue on your box, you can just let it dry and you should peel it off and it won't mess the box up, so we'll get that later. So looks like we have got our box done here and we have just made a favor box that's a little bit more expensively designed with candy.

    Next, we will be making another non-candy wedding favor that's got a coffee theme.