Wedding Fitness – Back Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Angel Stone demonstrates back exercises to help keep you fit for your wedding.

    Angel Stone: Hi! I am Angel Stone with the Eshe Body Center. I am showing you how to get in shape for your wedding day. The next two exercises I will show you will focus on your back muscles. I will show you the RDL with the row and the plank rotation. Lets get started with the RDL. You want to grab two dumbbells, you want to initiate the movement with your leg. You lower yourself till your back is flat, parallel to the ground. At this point, you are going to row the dumbbells and lower them and then stand back-up. That counts as one repetition. You lower yourself down, pull the dumbbells up, lower them and stand again. This exercise also targets your abdominals, your lower back, your hamstrings, your glutes and your calves. So essentially you are getting a full body workout here while still emphasizing the important back muscles that are typically shown in your standard strapless dress.

    Lower yourself down and row. Do three sets of this exercise and complete 12-15 repetitions. Row and extend and then stand-up. You will notice that this exercise also challenges your stability. So make sure you keep your abdominals engaged.

    The second exercise is the plank rotation with the dumbbell. Make sure you start with a very light dumbbell to ensure you can lift the dumbbell overhead. You move into a high push-up position, one hand on the dumbbell. Let your heels drop as you lift the dumbbell toward the ceiling. Your head and eyes follow the direction of the dumbbell and then you lower down.

    This exercise targets the rear deltoids which cross the back. It also works the shoulder of the arm that is not moving, and it also engages your core. So you open up, eyes and head to the ceiling and then always lowering back to your starting position. Twist up and lower. Do 12 repetitions with each arm and then switch. Lift and then lower. Those were two great exercises for your back muscles. Next, I will show you how to work your shoulders and your core at the same time.