Wedding Fitness – Chest Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Angel Stone demonstrates chest exercises to keep fit for your wedding.

    Angel Stone: Hi! I am Angel Stone with the Eshe Body Center. I am showing you how to get in shape for your wedding day. Now I will show you two chest exercises. We will do the push-up and the chest fly on the ball.

    The push-up is great not only for your chest; it also works your shoulders and your tricep. The important thing to remember is to lower yourself as one unit, come down as far as you can and push-up. Try to avoid dropping your head when you do the push-up. Always keep your head and neck in a neutral position. You lower yourself down and then press-up, down and press-up. This is also a great core exercise. Down and press-up. If you cant do push-ups off of your knees, feel free to put your knees down, everything else applies. Lower as one unit, and press-up, down and up. Once you can do 20 comfortably on your knees, try them off. Down and you are up. Our second exercise for the chest is the chest fly on the ball. You walk out on the ball until your head is completely supported. You lift your hips till your hips are parallel to the ground. You grab weights and extend them above your chest. Keeping a slide bend in your elbows, open your arms as far as you can and then close. Lower the weights in a controlled fashion and bring them together. Open and close which is great for your chest and it also works the front part of your shoulders which are the interior deltoids.

    You will notice in this position that you are also feeling work being done in your butt and your hamstrings as you hold this bridge while on the ball. So you just open and close, being sure to squeeze your pectoral muscles at the top of the movement. Slow controlled fashion and close, down and back-up. Aim for three sets of this exercise. Your goal is to complete 12-15 repetitions, all in a slow controlled fashion feeling that stretch in the chest muscle as you lift and lower the dumbbells. Those are two great exercises for your chest muscles which are often highlighted by your wedding dress. Next, I will show you how to exercise your back.