Wedding Fitness – Core Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Angel Stone demonstrates core exercises to help keep you fit for your wedding.

    Angel Stone: Hi! I am Angel Stone with the Eshe Body Center. I am showing you how to get in shape for your wedding day. I am going to show you two great exercises that target your shoulders and your abs. These are important as most wedding dresses are form-fitting, so its important that your abdominals are lean and strong.

    First, I will show you the jackknife on the ball. You place the ball directly below your knees. Make sure your shoulders are above your wrist. Now you pull your knees as close as you can to your face and then extend your legs. This exercise targets your abdominals, your lower back, your quads, and your shoulder muscles which are stabilizing you in this position. So you get a full body workout and all you need is a stability ball. You pull in and roll the ball away, making smooth movements and push away. This is considered to be a balanced abdominal exercise. So make sure you take your time. In and out. The second exercise I am going to show you is the core rotation with the dumbbell. This is all you need to work your core and your shoulder muscles. These are two very important muscles for your wedding day. You lean back until you feel some tension on your abdominals, your knees are bent and your head and neck is in a neutral position. You take a dumbbell, the way the dumbbell will be depending on how strong you are. Start with at least a 5 pound and you twist till the dumbbell reaches the floor, extend up-and-away and twist to the other side. Always remain leaning back so you keep that tension on your abdominals. Your shoulders are worked as you lift that dumbbell across your body, up and around. I want you to do three sets of this exercise moving up and around 20 times each side. So over and back is one and you want to repeat that 20 times. Lean back, lift up, and twist. Twist your whole body as far as you can to include your head, up and around. Make sure you breathe and stay relaxed. Those are two great exercises that allow you to work your shoulders and your abdominals all at the same time. Next, I will show you a fantastic workout for your legs.