Wedding Fitness – Full Body Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Angel Stone demonstrates full body exercises to help keep you fit for your wedding.

    Angel Stone: Hi! I am Angel Stone with Eshe Body Center, and I am showing you how to get in shape for your wedding day. Now I am going to show you two exercises that target your entire body from shoulders to legs. The first exercise I am going to show you is the reverse woodchopper. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, anywhere between 5 or 10 pounds. This exercise works your entire body. It works your shoulder muscles, it works your abdominals and it works your legs as you will be lowering into a squat at the beginning of each repetition.

    You start with your feet a little bit wider than shoulder distance apart. Keep your knees slightly bent. You lower yourself into a squat, and then lift your arms up over your head at a diagonal. Your lower this is where you working, your legs and as you extend up this is where you working your shoulders, and your core. So you are down come across your body in a smooth fashion, and lower yourself. Make sure you keep your arms extended, and your abs pulled in. Up and then down, I want you to complete 12 reps of that exercise on each side and then you switch. You straddle the opposing leg, squat down as low as you can, and stand up. You lower as you stand up that's when those dumbbells come over your head at a diagonal. Lower and up, again 12 repetitions on each leg and you repeat that three times. This is a full body exercise. This is exactly what you need to get ready for your wedding day. Down and up.

    The next exercise I am going to show you is the reverse lounge with the shoulder extension. All you need is one dumbbell. Start with five pounds, if it seems too light feel free to add a little bit more. You start with your palm facing your thigh, you take your right leg back into a lounge position, you lower into a lounge. As you come forward, you lift your leg up and the dumbbell at the same time. This exercise is great, because it targets your shoulders and even your back. It also targets your core and your legs, and it challenges your stability a whole bunch because you are required to balance yourself on one leg. Lower into the lounge, and extend up. Lounge and lift. Your goal is to make this move as smooth and fluent as possible. So right as you come up, that dumbbell should feel like it's connected to your knee. So as your knee goes back so does the dumbbell. Up and down.

    Your goal is to complete 12 repetitions on each leg, repeating that three times. Once it becomes too easy, be sure to increase the weight of the dumbbell. Down and up. And then switch legs. Lower into a lounge and up. Make sure on the lounge that your knees stays above your ankle, and that you are not too far forward, keep your weight back, keep your chest lifted. Up and you are down. Lift up and continue in this fashion, burning calories and fat from your entire body. Those are two phenomenal exercises that work your entire body. Many of the exercises I showed you are great tools to help you stay in shape. I hope you use them to feel happy and healthy on your very special day.