Wedding Fitness – Leg Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Angel Stone demonstrates leg exercises to help keep you fit for your wedding.

    Angel Stone: Hi! I am Angel Stone with the Eshe Body Center. I am showing you how to get in shape for your wedding day. Now I am going to show you a great exercise that targets your entire body with an emphasis on your legs. These exercises are cardio-intensive, so not only will you feel burning in your legs, you will also feel your heart pumping and your blood flowing. First, I will show you the split squat jump. You move into a split squat position. This is also known as a lunge. You are going to jump into the air and your legs switch positions. So you jump up and you bring the opposite leg forward. You jump in the air as high as you can and switch the legs. This is what it looks like at normal speed.

    You do about 1 minute of this exercise. While you are doing this exercise, you will feel your entire leg muscles working but it will also shed the fat off your stomach which will help you look slim and trim on your wedding day. You should do that exercise for 1 minute at a time and repeat that 3 times. The second exercise I am going to show you is the side lunge. It focuses on your quads, your hamstrings, your glutes and also works your core. You start with your feet together, you step out with one leg, bending this thigh till its parallel to the ground, keeping the opposite leg extended and pushing off the ground. You step out and push-up. So you want to go out slowly and then push off the ground as fast as you can. Step out and push-up. You will also feel this working your inner thigh muscles.

    Again, this exercise focuses primarily on your legs but it also gets your heart rate elevated and it also works your abdominal muscles. I want you to complete 15 repetitions on one leg and then you will switch to the next and repeat. Lower yourself down and push-up, down and push-up. Once this becomes too easy for you, grab a pair of dumbbells, hold them by your side, down and press-up. Again, do 15 repetitions of that exercise and repeat 3 times. Those are two great exercises for your leg muscles. You just build strong quads and hamstrings. So should you want to be a runaway bride, you have no problem, just kidding. Next, I will show you how to work your entire body still emphasizing those wedding dress muscles.