Wedding Hairstyles – Updo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jordan Pringle, stylist at One 80, demonstrates how to do an updo wedding hairstyle.

    Jordan: Hi! My name is Jordan, this is Christine. Today we are going to be doing a bridal updo that is suitable for women who want to have the appearance of their hair being down but they still want something interesting in the back. So Christine's hair is already curly, I am not actually going to have to go in and do any prep-work with my iron. I am just going to start taking my sections. As for as updos, I like to always take diagonal sections through the hair instead of going in and taking a horizontal section, like that, because it's much easier to cover your sections as you are bringing the hair across. So, I am going to take my diagonal section here about, half her hair, and as I am doing this, I want to keep my hands just lightly coated with the shine enhancing pomade, so that as I am working with her hair, I am also polishing the outer surface which will give it a great shine when we are finished.

    So I am going to take my section again, I bring it up a little bit, and I want to have it slightly elevated, it's just going to give her hair good twist so that I get this French twist design in here, and then before I go in and secure this with pins, I am going to go through and make sure I like it the way the front is laying. And if you don't like the way the front is laying, if you would like more volume in the top, all you have to do is take a rat tail comb, and you just kind of loosen it until you get the proportion that you like for the front of her hair. Then, I am just going to take some pins, some bobby pins,and secure this in her hair. I always like to cross my bobby pins when I put them in just to make sure that they are locked and they are secure and her hair is not going to fall down half way through the night. Especially when she's dancing at the reception. And it works well to put your bobby pins as you are placing them just underneath the surface of the hair, so that they are not visible when you look at her, okay.

    So, once that's secure, I am going to start working with the rest of her hair, making sure still to keep my hands coated with my pomade. So I am going to take these sections that we kind of left, some more diagonal on these sides and I take them back lightly, and I get them smooth out with my product. All I am going to do with this section is I am just going to tie it into a knot, and the knot is going to lay at the base of the French twist here to cover up where the hair twists and then once it's down to make that a smoother transition. I will wrap the ends around the underneath of the hair. Make sure I like the way that, that looks.

    I am going to grab my bobby pins and secure that design as well and now as you are putting these in don't stress too much on it being absolutely perfect. What we are seeing with a lot of brides is that they are wearing their hair a lot more natural with movement and texture. It's not so much of the sleek slick back look all the time. I can come in here and make sure I like the positioning of this, if it's little too low or little too high, I can come in with my bobby pins to just kind of lightly reposition that okay. Now that that one is done I am just going to take some more underneath sections of her hair, just off to the side. I am going to do the same exact thing just give it a good tie. These ends are on back again and even to secure it, you can tie them once more underneath to make sure it's really secure.

    I am just going to come in with my bobby pins and secure this design from the underneath, and then if I want to once this is all in and I have positioned it all the way I like even though her hair is not really curly I could come in with my iron just at the ends here to give it a different sort of texture, I could come in and just very loosely wrap the ends of her hair around my iron, not so much to put in a ringlet curl, just to give it a curl texture and to change the way her hair looks a little.

    So now that I have added some definition to her natural curl, I am just going to come in and lightly spray over the top, just a really light shine spray, it's going to make her natural color sparkle and it's going to seal the outside of the hair from getting any freeze or humidity, if she is going to be an outdoor bride. I am going to come in kind of reposition to make sure I am really happy with how everything is laid and that's what is great about the more natural look is that you have more freedom afterwards to come in and manipulate the style.

    So, here we have it. This is our finished updo and the whole process, it only took us about 15 minutes. It's really easy for someone to do it at home. All it really is, is just to the twist in the hair and two ties and then it's secured with pins. Okay, so she is already to go and get married and coming up next we will be doing in Asymmetric Chignon.

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