Wet-Setting and Diffusing Curly Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Annie Hathorn, hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar demonstrates how to style curly hair including tips for wet-setting and diffusing the hair.

    Annie Hathorn: My name is Annie Hathorn and I am a hair stylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. This video is how to style curly hair. In this segment I will be showing how to wet set the hair, and then how to diffuse the hair with the blow dryer. First, how to wet set. This is a technique that helps encourage, nice, spirally curls. What you do is just grab a chunk of hair. Doesnt have to be perfect, and just twist, like that, and leave it. Even if it untwists a little bit thats okay, and just take random pieces, like I said, this just helps some of the curls, especially the curl on top, have a nicer curl. Sometimes peoples hair is more curly on the back or on the bottom than it is on top, so thats why it's nice to do this technique to ensure that there is a curl on top as well. I will just go in around the head in random pieces. Ill do one more here. Alright, now we have just a nice loose wet set that will help the curl be spirally and pretty on the top. So now to diffuse; have a blow dryer, and sometimes blow dryers come with the diffuser, sometimes you have to purchase one separately. What you do, most diffusers either snap on like this, or slide on. You want to make sure that when you are purchasing a diffuser that it does fit the type of blow dryer that you have. Now with diffusing one thing you always want to do is have the heat setting on high, and the air setting on low or medium. You dont usually want to have the air setting on high, it swirls too much hair around the hair. So high heat low air. And what I am probably going to do first is have Kelly sit forward and diffuse from upside down. And with the hair, you want to cup it in the diffuser to really encourage volume and curl. So let's get started. One thing, I want to make sure and say is that you dont want to touch the hair a whole lot. You want to really use the diffuser to scoop the hair, use your fingers as little as possible, because touching the hair a lot, makes it a little bit more frizzy. So without touching the hair, really scoop it with the diffuser.

    Once we have dried a bit, while she is flipped forward. I would like to switch it up so that the hair gets to dry from another angle. So you can come on up Kelly, and well flip to one side. How about this side over here? There we go. Now we are going to have to flip to the other side. Now I would like to end with the hair flipped forward again to get a lot of volume in the curls. So for the last section, we are going to have her flip forward again to finish off the diffusing. Now while she still flipped forward I am going to change my setting on my blow dryer to cool, and do just a little bit of a diffusing on cool to help calm the threads. Okay, you can flip up, Kelly. Okay, and then you need to do just a little bit of calming down of the curl once she has flipped up, because obviously it's going every which way, you want to just. Sometimes you even take off your diffuser still on cool, low setting, calm it down a little bit, put it in the direction that you want it to go. So thats how to diffuse the hair dry. In our next segment well be showing how to finish if off with some product.