What are interests?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed Professional Counselor Karen Chopra discusses the importance of identifying your interests when choosing a career.


    ""H$$$$$$$$dffffff$h;Fj$$jj$$444j$$d4jd444${]eet"4d04-"440$0T"4v'$$$*$$$jjjj\Karen James Chopra: I am Karen James Chopra, I am a career counselor in Washington DC. And right now, we are going to talk about how interests are related to identifying a career that is right for you.

    Host: What are interests?

    Karen James Chopra: Interests are the things that you really like to do. These are the things that so not have any rhyme or reason to them. We can not explain to somebody why we happen to be someone who likes chocolate ice-cream or vanilla ice-cream or maybe you are one of the ones who loves coffee or mint chocolate chip. They just are. And interests are therefore what I consider to be the most important thing to identify before you start looking for a career because you are going to naturally invest energy in things that you are interested in. Think about your favorite toys when you were growing up and how long you can play with them or think about your favorite activities now. How you can completely lose yourself in those? These interests are the things that are going to keep your energy engaged for long periods of time and they are worth identifying.

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