What are men looking for in woman before they’ll have sex?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses dating and sex, including what men are looking for in a woman before they’ll have sex.

    Host: What are men looking for in women before they will have sex?

    Gloria Macdonald: Again, we did lots of research, focus group, surveys with very specific questioning to find out what it was men were looking for and how men define chemistry and I mentioned before there were two things. One is physical attractiveness and the other thing is frankly, just a woman's willingness to have sex. Very simple for a man, but I think, no, women just cannot relate to this. There was a reality TV dating show done not too long go were we had a bachelor and we have two bachelorettes and they showed a date with the bachelor and bachelorette number one and there was all kinds of connection and meeting of the minds and intimacy in terms of conversation. They really seem to click on emotional, intellectual level. The conversation just flowed and bachelorette number one was absolutely convinced that there was a real potential here for a long term relationship and commitment because they really just have this incredible meeting of the mind.

    They had so much in common and they could talk about so many different things and they could talk about feelings and all kinds of things. So, she was quite certain that she was going to make it to the next round. Bachelorette number two was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with a fantastic figure and in the date they showed, "Yeah, it was fine but there was not this incredible meeting of the minds.

    "So, the next episode, the bachelor comes out and he is making the choice between bachelorette number one and bachelorette number two, bachelorette number one is standing there absolutely confident that she is going to be one because they connected, they connected in an incredible intimate way, not physically, but emotionally, intellectually, all those things. So, the bachelor comes out and says, "This was a really difficult decision and I have thought about it a lot and I am going for bachelorette number two.

    " Bachelorette number one was stunned and shocked beyond belief, but you see, for the man, he was going on physical attractiveness and the woman's willingness to have sex and it is really quite simple. Again, it is because the man's role has been to make sure he could procreate and have children to keep the race going.

    So, we cannot criticize men, they can not help it. They literally cannot help it. This is what they are wired for. So, women get upset because of the differences, but we just have to work with this. This is Mother Nature at work. It is not men being slime buckets and sleazeballs; it is how they are wired. So, the more we understand it, the better our chances would be.