What are points to consider about our backgrounds?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald lists points about background to consider in a relationship.
    Host: What are points to consider about our backgrounds? Gloria MacDonald: So you come up with a list of the things and the ways in which you are the same and the ways in which you are different and including in that you should really think about what your backgrounds are, how you were raised from a socio-economic demographic.So you could frankly, be the exact same race, the same culture, speak the same language, look exactly the same, but if one person grew up in the intercity and one person grew up in posh suburbia, one person grew up in a single parent home and another person grew up where both parents were present and lived a lavish lifestyle, these things can cause huge potential friction. Let's say one person is used to going off to Europe every year for a family holiday and going on ski trips and living a large life and eating in expensive restaurants and for the other person this has never been a part of their family background. They didn't take family vacations and they didn't eat out a lot. They never went to the opera or symphony and the other person going to all these cultural events, these ultimately, will have a huge impact on your long-term relationship because the very foundation of your being, how you grew up, what you learned, will be very different and even though you think, "Oh, isn't it wonderful because we can each teach one another different things? " Don't overlook how in the long run those differences can cause tension and problems in a relationship.