What are points to consider about our differences?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald lists differences to consider in a relationship.
    Host: What are points to consider about our differences? Gloria MacDonald: After you have gone through and thought about what you have in common, how you and your partner are the same, you really should think about what your differences are. Again, you can keep going back to that list of the four things. Do we look the same? Do we sound the same? Do we act the same and do we think the same or do we sound different, do we look different, do we act different or how do we act differently? How do we think differently? Really think about the ways in which you are different and do those things cause friction for you now? Do they cause excitement for you now because the very things that you might think are cute because they are different or "Oh, isn't that funny that he does that? " and "Oh, I love the way he does that because it's so different." Those very things that you think are cute or unique or fun or funny that are different to you now are going to cause friction down the road. Once the love drugs wear off in about 24 months or so into the relationship, those differences can really cause tension and friction.So, think through the differences. How big are they? Are there little things that are irritating you now? Just be aware of them.