What are some common flaws in swimming techniques?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Jay Dicharry, director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator at the University of Virginia Health System, discusses common flaws in swimming techniques.

    Host: What are some common flaws in swimming techniques?

    Jay Dicharry: Common flaws in swimming involve body position. One of the key things for folks to realize is that top sprinters can actually kick a fifty meter split within about 5-7 seconds of their swim time. What that tells you is, kicking is tremendously important in swimming. Proper alignment in the body and proper leg strength is phenomenally important to generate lift of propulsion. Water is about 8-10 times more dense than air. It's important to think about the fact that we are working hard to move our bodies through a dense medium just like water.

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