What are some common interview questions?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    College counselor Jerome A. Cole, MA discusses what are some common interview questions.

    Speaker: What are some common interview questions?

    Jerome Cole: I think there are probably two or three questions that you as a student should anticipate, have any answer. The very first one and I will say easily the most common one is some form of, tell me about yourself; tell me who you are; tell me something that I am not going to see in your student folder. So, that question, tell me something about myself, that's a question that every student should anticipate having to answer and should think about probably two or three points that they want to make to emphasize to respond to that particular question. I think the second question is that you should probably anticipate is, tell me why I should select you over another student. That's the fairly common question, one that, again, a student should anticipate and again come up with two or three talking points, no more than that that you want to emphasize to respond to that question. The last one is what are you going to bring to the campus. What talents, skill, ability, characteristics that you're going bring to the campus? You always see, a college is talking about finding the right match. They are looking at grades, they are looking at test scores, they are looking at rankings and what the recommendations say; but they are also looking for fit and so that is a question; the question of what are you going to bring to our campus, that's the question is going to talk a little bit and help them talk to fit. It is going helped to determine just how good a fit you are going to be. So, I think those are three pretty basic questions; there are very general and again I would advice students to come up with two, no more than the three points that they want to make to respond to each one of those. So, that you don't yourself in the situation where you just kind of off on attain, you're just kind of rambling, make identify two or three points, tick to those points and move on to the next question.