What are some commuting options?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses some commuting options.

    Host:What are some commuting options?

    David Rizzo: We have a lot of ways to get to work that can save gas and some of them is not even make the trip at all, like telecommuting. If you are a professional in the information industry, talk to your employer, usually they are pretty keen on letting you occasionally phone, fax, use a computer or e-mail your work in at least one day a week, that's all you have to do. Other options are, if you are within 15 miles of work and 15 minutes of a bus stop, take the bus, I have done it, it's extremely cost effective, it's the least expensive other than bicycling or walking, way of getting to work. Sub-way is also good, long distance trains, they are a little bit more expensive but one other factor to consider, if you drive your cars, how much does it cost you to park your car? We are interested in saving money here in miles per gallon and also parking fees. So consider transit as a way of getting to work.