What are some examples of body language that can push others away?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating and relationship coach Toni Coleman discusses the importance of body language, including some examples that can push others away.

    Speaker: What are some examples of body language that can push others away?

    Toni Coleman: Some real classic examples of turn off kinds of nonverbal expression would be the person, who is, stand there with you doing this or the person who goes to a social event or mix or goes in the corner and he is leaning back into the wall or perhaps hunched over like this. Then there is the one that comes walking into the room and they're slouched and they're looking at the floor, and they're not wanting to make any kind of eye contact or it's the person that if you introduce yourself, they kind of maybe very furtively glance at you and do this or something, but they are tensed and they are not really focusing or the person who you are trying to have a conversation with in a social situation and they're looking around the room; they're looking at their watch; they're attending to anything, but you, that kind of thing; all of those because they communicate insecurity, they communicate lack of interest, they communicate somebody who just may be isn't comfortable in their own skin or somebody who is trying to hide someone, someone who just doesn't want to be there, all negative. Perhaps they don't even feel that way, perhaps they are just shy, perhaps that they have just never done this kind of thing before and by not paying attention to the signals they're sending. They're sending the message that they just really don't want to be there and they don't like being there, wrong message.