What are some foods that multi-task and why?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Sarah Alligood discusses some foods that multi-task.

    Host: What are some foods that multi-task and why?

    Sarah Alligood: Well, one great multi-tasker is yogurt. Yogurt has protein for your muscles, it has calcium to keep your bones nice and strong. It has friendly bacteria or probiotics to keep your digestive system healthy. It also might play a role in keeping you from getting sick, helping you boost your immunity. Another great example is berries. Berries have a lot of dietary fiber, they can keep your digestive system working in the way it should. They have antioxidants which can protect you against certain illnesses and they are so easy to get in your diet, you can just throw them on your cereal, carry them with you, very affordable so they are great. Another thing is dark chocolate. When you have about one ounce of dark chocolate a day, you can have some heart benefits. So making sure that you get that amount though and not overdoing it with the dark chocolate is important. But dark chocolate can be fun to include in your diet and you can get a little bit of benefit from it.