What are some general test taking strategies?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, lists a few tips for test takers.

    Host: What are some general test taking strategies? Laura Rheinauer: I have a few tried and true tips that you should definitely commit to memory. First tip, answer the easy questions first, second tip, skip the ones that you really have no idea how to do. It's not worth it. Don't get bogged down trying to solve it, trying to solve it, trying to solve it, you are going to waste valuable time. Keep track of your time; move on if you are getting really encumbered by the test question and when you get to the end of the test section, don't, "Ah! It's all over, I'm done," and start twitling your thumbs .

    Go back if you have any time left. You are really going to want to use that time to go back over the question, maybe that you skipped; maybe with the little extra time you can solve it or go back over the questions that you thought were a little bit more difficult.

    Last step that's so important, be careful of bubbling in your answers. When you bubble in your answers make sure to make them clear and dark and completely fill in the circle. Don't go over the lines. Don't make any strain marks in your test sheet. If you need to go back like that one here to make a little bit darker, go ahead and do so. Bad ways to bubble it in would be going there, here and here. You can see I can't even tell which one that's answering and when you get to the end of the test sections, it's very easy if you skip a question to forget to skip it on your scantron sheet and then get yourself all messed up when you are bubbling in those answers. Every five questions or so, go back and make sure that you have put in the right letter.