What are some good questions to ask if I have the time?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra suggests some additional questions that may help you decide if a job is right for you.

    Host: What are some good questions to ask if I have the time?

    Karen James Chopra: If you have time, you can ask questions about what the company's mission statement is or how the company would describe its culture. You can ask about what the person you are interviewing with thinks of the company's great strength and weaknesses. These are all questions that they will ask an interview candidate. Feel free to turn around on the interviewer, "What do you think the company's greatest strength is? Where do you think the company struggles most? What would you rank as the company's greatest success in the last couple of years? Where do you think the company has gotten its biggest black eye?

    " A great interview question, one of my favorite interview questions, if you need a little bit of breathing room or you really want them to do some talking, ask them, "Let's assume that you hire me for this position and I have a great first year in this position, what will I have accomplished?

    " That will often give you a lot of information about what they really see is the goals for this job and what they consider to be success and sometimes it will reveal that they don't actually have a very clear picture of what they want with this position and that allows you then to structure the dialog to help clarify that, so that when you get out on the job, you are actually clear on what needs to happen and the chances of failing because you didn't have clear guidelines for the boss, or diminished.