What are some hidden fees when dealing with reception sites?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams lists some hidden fees you may encounter when booking a reception site.

    Host: What are some hidden fees when dealing with reception sites?

    Kay William: One hidden fee that I find at the reception hall is maintenance. With it I mean that they won't tell you that you guys clean up afterward? They will just tell you our maintenance guy will come there and do certain things for you, for example he will come and clean up. What does clean up mean? Do you understand? Is he going to clean like mop sweep and he does afterwards clean up the decoration for us or what he is going to do. I found out in person at one wedding I did is that the person did not actually clean up.

    So we got a bill mail for clean up, it was like a $1,000 so then again they said no contract made, it was just something verbally said, no one said anything about whether it was written down there but it was vocally said. We have maintenance man who will help you clean up. I didn't even ask before but when is he going to clean up?

    So the hidden fee yet to ask, okay so clean up what is he going to do? Is going to mop, sweep, or whatever? You need to know what each person is going to have done in that place. They will mail their bill to you, of course, you have got to pay it because there was no contract about cleaning up. It was not on the contract, it was not there it was vocally said. Vocal doesn't get you anywhere; people can say I didn't say that, I don't think you understood me, so that's what hidden fee is clean up The second would be is that electrician. If there is going to be lights, and you ar going to have sockets that work because you need to have lights in there for the camera man or you have to have lights for your fountain, your light fountain. Are you going to have someone to come in and wire it for you they will tell you, "Oh we have got our outlets here," but do they work. So they will charge you for electricity, they will charge for the time you use it, they will charge it -- we will reline it for you or we will put the wires down for you. Is there is fees for that? You better have your own cables, you better have your own switching cord, because they would charge you for that stuff, if they have to pull it out for you.

    Another thing is this your guest amount, what I found reception hall is this you order a hall for 300 guest but what are you going to do for more guests that come, and you have to get two more tables out there. Are they going to charge you for the tables you better believe that because you ordered a certain amount of guest? So your key thing is make sure your guest list is appropriate for that hall because you will be paying for that extra space.

    Number four, you have to make sure that your guest's children are going to be also on that list for your guest amount. So if you want extra room in a hotel, say you could use a hotel like Marriott or Holiday Inn the extra room you are going to use like it is off the side of your reception hall and you think nobody is using it they don't charge you because that is extra cost.

    So you have to know your room space, what you are paying for, your electricity, you have to know anything, clean up all those things are important because all the hidden fees that you will be charge from the place you will use reception hall - if it is hotel or if it is a venue somewhere anywhere you need to know these costs exist and you need to have a contract for all these things, they have to be written somewhere on paper or on somewhere and copied and signed saying this what we are going to do and that's why it is important. Look at the details of all reception halls and what they offer?