What are some popular flowers used for weddings?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses some popular flowers used for wedding.

    Host: What is some popular flowers used for wedding?

    Gerry Rogers: There are different kinds of flowers that are popular I would say at different times of the year and things in and out of fashion as well. We went through period where Cala Lilies were very popular and it's not that they have gone away they are still very popular amongst those people who want a very modern styled wedding. I think roses are a classic and so we see them year around. In the spring you will have that rare opportunity to use all of those spring flowers like Peonies and Tulips and Sweetpea and Ranunculus. So there are lots of things that will come into favor depending on the style of your wedding and the time of the year. We are seeing people use lots of unusual accents in their flowers things like feathers or fiddlehead fern curls incorporating fruit even putting artichokes in your bouquets. These are all popular things.