What are some preparation tips for a music audition?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Voice Instructor Jennifer Rutherford discusses some preparation tips for your music audition including arriving early, being prepared with more than one song, and bringing the music along for an accompanist.

    Host: What are some preparation tips for a music audition?

    Jennifer Rutherford: Be sure you are on time, you do not want to be late. Maybe even 15 minutes early would be a good idea. Be prepared to sing more than one song, in case they want to hear you do a different style of music especially if you are doing, like we mentioned earlier a piece that you have composed yourself. If you have music, bring it they may have an accompanist, you never know and dont be afraid to discuss with the accompanist just how you want that piece played. If you have your own accompanist of course this wont be an issue and you may be allowed to bring your own accompanist at some auditions. But on audition like American Idol of course is A Cappella. So then you just have to be sure that you are comfortable with your starting pitch before you go in.