What are some resources on online safety?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy McBride with the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children discusses some resources for online safety information.

    Host: What are some resources on online safety?

    Nancy McBride: The National Center has a number of resources that deal with online safety and pornography involving children, one of them is called the Cyber Tip Line and that s our resource where members of the community can actually report tips or moves regarding Online Enticement, pornography involving children, misleading domain names, and other instances in which the activity is most likely illegal or in some way is a threat to the child, and the website for the Cyber Tip Line is cybertipline.

    com, and if you go and visit that website, you will see a number of prompts that that will lead you to the actual reporting form and give you more information about things like Online Enticement or pornography involving children.

    Another website that s really helpful as far as child safety and prevention is our net smart workshop and that netsmartz.

    org. This is the website that provides interactive activities and information for kids, teens, parents and guardians, educators, and Law and Enforcement. We have downloadable programs. The Law Enforcement and educators can actually present this information to children and it deals with both online safety and real world safety, because the line between that those two is getting very blurry now. So, we want to make sure that kids are safer while they are on a computer, but that also carries over to what they are doing in the real world.

    So, number of great activities on netsmartz.

    org and relatively new service that we are providing is one called NETSMART411.

    org and this is the site where adults and members of the community can actually post questions to our experts, who are all staff of our Exploitated Child Unit. So, if you have got a question about internet safety or something to do with the internet in general, you can post the question and get a response from our experts. We have also got a list that frequently asked questions, so you may find the answer to what you are looking for right on NETSMART411.


    All of these resources are available to the community free of charge. Our information can be downloaded, it can be shared with other people, and I really encourage you to visit these websites and learn more about online safety, real world safety, and child safety in general.