What are some tips for finding a good tutor or GMAT class?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jeff Glazer, co-founder of Griffon Preparation Services, gives tips for finding a good tutor or class for preparing for the GMAT.

    Host: What are some tips for finding tutor or GMAT class?

    Jeff Glazer: Good way to find a good class or a good tutor is to try them out. A lot of companies out there will let you sit in on a class, a lot of tutors out there will let you get a first half hour or hour free of tutoring, because different people have different learning style, you want to make sure that what you do fits best for you. Some classes limit their class size and so you go get a lot of personal attention, others have very large classes. So if you remember learning well in your lecture halls because you like to just kind of sit back and relax then that might be best for you as well. There are a lot of different resources out there to kind of find different classes and tutors including Craigslist or just any general online search.