What are some tips on portion control?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Elizabeth Rahavi discusses some tips on portion control.

    Host: What are some tips on portion control?

    Elizabeth Rahavi: Well the good news is, when it comes to portion control, particularly at snack time, it is really easy to find foods that are already portioned out into single serving packages. If you don't want to buy foods that are portioned out in the single serving packages, you can also save portion of these foods on the weekend to eat throughout the week.

    Now, when it comes to mealtime, here is a really simple visual for portioning out your plate; make half of your plate full of vegetables such as the salad or some sauted spinach with some roasted red peppers. Make another quarter of proteins such as the poultry and meat or fish, and then make another quarter of starchy vegetables such as mashed potatoes or yams. You can also put a piece of bread there, or you can use some brown rice or some wholegrain rice in that position as well.