What are some unique reception ideas?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams suggests some ways to make your reception stand out.

    Host: What are some unique reception ideas?

    Kay William: If you are going to have a tropical wedding reception, I think tropical flowers and not many like long vases for your tables outside is perfect, with a few flowers inside, it's going to actually bring up the theme of tropical wedding. For example if you are doing a beach front wedding and you have the green lawn or floor and the background of the blue flowers -- you are having the background of sandy white beaches, get simple flowers because you don't want to take away from that scenery. That's the whole point of having a tropical wedding you don't' want to take it away from the scenery.

    White table cloths, tie at the bottom, twist it, maybe some wavering at the bottom to hang it down. You want it to look like a green place like you are actually in a movie, that's the whole key thing.

    Another thing you can do is; tool, tool outside -- if you are having a nighttime reception in a lot of light, you get gold tool, if you are doing like colors like browns or you can do turquoise something like that. You get some tool that is going to have that back overlay for this wedding outside. That brings out a lot of color, and not only that, it makes a space.

    So you are outside, yes, but you also have a designated space. So if you are taking pictures, you can actually see these colors flow; you can actually see the themes going by, it's tropical.

    Anything for beach front, use colors that's going to bring out all the wonderful colors of your wedding, of your bridesmaid dresses, of your floor arrangements; use colors that actually look beautiful on camera.

    So when you look at the pictures in a day, "Wow! Look at those pictures, look at those colors.

    " Colors bring out the whole thing, that's the key thing, having unique colors. Don't always use the regular colors, don't' always use ivory, or pink, rather (ph) use browns, turquoise that's a unique idea that I like use.

    Those colors are not used often. People remember those colors, they remembers those beautiful, beautiful colors and that's one.

    Number two, if you are going to have the reception in the house, rose balls are fine, they are beautiful. What about using still flowers to bring out the light? For example, you have a reception that has, you know, your tables like this and the tables are flowing this way, use simple small cube vases with the narrow leafs around it and you have bush or row of flowers, but you can't color, don't use the color that is going outshine the blind, use colors that people actually say, "That's beautiful with that.

    "So I will say the unique thing about the whole reception is using the right color, using the right theme; that theme can be if you are doing a tropical one, use the right flowers for it, the whole thing is you have to use the right color; it has got to be special about it. If you get the right color you can definitely make any event look beautiful. That's a unique thing, making sure that the colors are unique. Not so many pinks, not too many yellows, get a unique color. That's what the whole thing is.