What are some ways of saving on my wedding flowers?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses some ways of saving on wedding flowers.

    Host: What are some ways of saving on my wedding flowers?

    Gerry Rogers: A lot of people are often looking to save on their wedding flowers because flowers are often more than they anticipated. Often times in books and magazines you will read things like, oh, choose flowers that are in season. But the floral industry at this point is global. So season doesn't necessarily mean cheaper, it means available. For examples, Peonies they are available in April, May and June. Even when they are in season, they are not inexpensive, they are just an expensive flower all the time. So, if you love a flower like that you might be judicious about where you use it in order to save on your flowers overall. The other thing to think about in terms of saving on your flowers is thinking about the style of your wedding. Tall arrangement for table centerpieces for example, are often more expensive. So, you may only want to do half tall and half short or just do all low table centerpieces and you will save a great deal on your wedding