What are the benefits of a sit down style reception dinner?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams discusses some benefits to a sit-down style meal at your reception.

    Host: What are the benefits of a sit down style reception?

    Kay Williams: The whole key about reception as sit down is that it is eloquent. It's more eloquent. Your all guests feel important. You feel important. You feel like you have thrown off a bash, this is going well. It looks better. It looks better and it costs because people think that it costs more actually to buffet style. No, you have to have service for every time you serve water, a dish, dessert. So if you want more eloquent, fine. Have people there dressed in tuxedoes, little bows, little ties, a little, nice black and white dress or whatever may it be. It looks more professional, more eloquent, it looks like, "Oh, they have really did this thing up.

    " If that's what you call for this night to be wonderful also people will talk about it afterwards and remember it ten years later then that is when you get into the detail of serving, the detail of dishes, wonderful cake, wonderful salmon on the plate. If you are trying to help the caterer as well it helps because that way, it looks more eloquent and if you take the pictures of your wedding, it doesn't hurt you take pictures of the plates or the service because it's all eloquent. Sometimes you have a wedding and you don't want to take pictures of the people who are actually serving you or people at the background because they are not looking wonderful, but we will have dished up plates or wonderful servings then you will take pictures of anything because everything is eloquent. That's a key thing. Eloquence that's between buffet and seated down with your guests, serving them, it's eloquent.