What are the cars with the best gas mileage?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses the cars with the best gas mileage.

    Host: What are the cars with the best gas mileage?

    David Rizzo: There are some general considerations to take into account when looking for a car with the best gas mileage. First of all look at the kind of driving you do, if you are a long distance driver, out on long stretches then you are better off with the gas car. If you are into stop-and-go driving then naturally a hybrid is good for just like Intercity. If you are always pulling a trailer or a truck and you are in a hilly country, you might want to consider diesel which -- even though diesel costs a little more, they are highly efficient when you are carrying heavy loads.

    Some other considerations we will look choosing a car for good mileage is, in general the smaller the engine, the better. In other words a four cylinder gets better mileage than a six, gets better mileage than an eight. Again that's a good generalization.

    Specifically there are some cars that the EPA has identified as being just Killer- driller gas efficient cars. Tops on the list, you can probably guess is the Toyota Prius. You are looking at 48 miles per gallon city, 46 driving, I mean on the Highway and keep in mind that brings out their point they brought about hybrids. They get better gas mileage in city driving than they do on highway. So if you do a lot of highway driving, don't get a hybrid. So Toyota Prius is Number 1, Number 2 is a Honda Civic hybrid, Number 3 on EPA list is the Toyota Camry hybrid, Number 4 is the Ford Escape hybrid. Notice that those four are hybrids, finally we get a gas internal combustion engine on the list and thats the Toyota Yaris. Chevy Aveo is also miserly so that's what you want to consider.

    Now these are basically small cars although the price is fairly good sized. If you have a family, you are carting around two or three kids in the back you need a family Sedan and again five cars have been identified as been especially thrifty. First on the list, Nissan Ultima hybrid, 35 in the city, 33 miles per gallon on a highway. Not bad for a mid-sized car. The other ones who make the top five are like Hyundai Elantra, also a good choice, Honda Accord hybrid, again we are talking about 24 city, 32 highway, here is a switch, the Accord does a little bit better on a highway. Another couple of good ones are the Saturn Aura hybrid and the Nissan Ultima, the regular gas Nissan Ultima.