What are the categories within U.S. stocks?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial Advisor David John Marotta explains the categories of U.S. stocks.

    David John Marotta

    David John Marotta is the President of Marotta Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning and asset management firm in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is an oft-quoted writer and speaker on financial matters and his weekly financial column can be found at www.eMarotta.com

    Host: What are the categories within US stocks?

    David Marotta: Within US stocks there are many different ways of diversifying your portfolio further and some advisors consider the subdivisions within the asset class of US stocks to be asset classes themselves. We consider the big category to be US stocks and then subdivide within it. One of the most common methods is put out by Morningstar, their research and it's the nine style boxes and the top row is Large Cap, the mid row is Mid Cap and the bottom row is Small Cap and then the first column is Value, the second column is Blend and the third column is Growth and they use those categories to divide up all the different stocks.