What are the crosswinds of relationships?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses her relationship flight school, including the crosswinds of the relationship.

    Host: What are the crosswinds of relationships?

    Gloria Macdonald: The crosswinds of relationships -- throughout any relationship of any duration, we are going to come cross all kinds of different things that are going to coming at us from different directions, whether we get headwinds or crosswinds or tailwinds, there are going to be things that are coming at us. These things really come from the inherit differences of men and women. So there is the whole thing that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and men are hunters and gatherers and women have been there to built relationships and protect the family and that type of thing.

    Those are true; we are different; we are inherently different. As I said before, we are biologically, psychologically, physiologically and emotionally different and unless we understand that and can come to grips with those differences, we are not going to be able to fly through those crosswinds and headwinds and tailwinds and we really need to learn, how to do that.