What are the different cat personalities?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses the different cat personalities.

    Host: What are the different cat personalities?

    Bridget Speiser: There are rainbow of cat personalities just like there are various human personalities. So as you are meeting these cats and talking to the shelters or staff really pay attention to the attention that cat maybe giving to you as well. Within the shelter system, a lot of cats can look shy and reserved. It's very difficult for them to be in an environment where they maybe confined into a cage base for most of the day. Hopefully, you get a chance to be in more of a room type setting, a visitation room as it was so you can really see how kitty maybe explores that room and interacts with you but yes, there are shy cats, there are outward cats, there are vocal cats, there are very quite cats, there are cats that want to sit on you and cats that don't want to sit on you, so you really need to assess again for yourself what is it you are looking for in a companion and try and match that self assessment with the information you gathered from the shelter staff and the information that you gathered from your visit.