What are the extra components to consider for a wedding ceremony?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran discusses where to find information to help plan a wedding ceremony.

    Host: Where do we find information to help us plan our wedding ceremony?

    Rev. Bill Cochran: Nowadays there are a lot of places you can find information. You can go online and you can find thousands of pages of say wedding readings and vows and all of those things. So there is a lot that's readily available there. I have discovered that lot of brides and grooms are overwhelmed by too much information. In fact especially as a bride you probably have done a lot of research and maybe you find yourself one day hitting the wall saying, Well too much information already. So what I do is try to provide the brides and grooms with different files that I send them through e-mail that have to do with vows and readings and rituals like the candle lighting and other things, gives them ideas on what a wedding ceremony looks like.

    Because I believe it's the officiant's responsibility to guide the couple through the process of planning the ceremony. But of course we want you the couple to bring to us all of your ideas even the zany ones and we will figure out if they can work or not. But remember we are not in a position to tell you what you can and can't do, we are in a position of expanding your minds to think about this as being the very best wedding ceremony ever.