What are the long term implications of interracial or intercultural relationships?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald talks about the long-term implications of dating someone of another culture or race.
    Host: What are the long-term implications of interracial or intercultural relationships? Gloria MacDonald: One of the things that ideally, you will really think about as you are getting involved in an intercultural or an interracial relationship is the long-term implications of this relationship.Now this is easy for me to sit here and say but the fact that matter is most of us including me, when we are in those initial stages of romance and everything is going really well, we are not thinking about the long-term implications. We are not going through a whole long checklist and in fact, a friend of mine said getting married when you are madly in love is like buying a house when you are falling down drunk. Now, the fact of the matter is we do get married when we are madly in love and thank heavens, we do and this is the way we procreate and this is what keeps the human race going is that we actually do have these love drugs that go on in our systems and we are irrational in those states and it's the only way that we keep going because if we didn't have that period of romance we probably wouldn't ever connect with one another because we would see too many of the faults and flaws in another person.So while it's easy to say think about the long-term implications and be rational and go through an analysis of this. The fact of the matter is whether we are talking about an interracial, intercultural relationship or two people that grew up next to one another and are both the same race and speak the same language. We just tend not to do this.