What are the symptoms of a mini-stroke?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Nina Solenski, Stroke Neurologist at the University of Virginia Health System, describes the different kinds of strokes including the symptoms of a mini-stroke.

    Host:What are the symptoms of a mini-stroke?

    Dr. Nina Solenski: The mini-stroke are exactly like a true full blown stroke. It's that abrupt sudden onset of weakness, it could be in the face, for example your face might become droopy, might even drool from that face, might be slurring of the speech because of the fact that the muscles in the face don't work. It can be difficulty with your language, either comprehending the language or getting those words out. It can be numbness on one side of the body, face, arm and leg. It can difficulty making your arms move and do what they normally do in coordination. It can be imbalance, a severe imbalance of your ability to walk and sometimes it can be dizziness, feeling that things are really spinning and moving around.