What are the top budget destinations for honeymoons?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including some great destinations when traveling on a dime.

    Host: What are the top budget destinations for honeymoons?

    Melinda Webb: Some of the top budget destinations that you will find, the Dominican Republic is an excellent value for clients that are on a budget. We can do very nice honeymoons there on the minimum budget. Mexico too, especially when you go into areas south of Cancun it is still a luxury destination but at the same time a budget destination. It is still very budget friendly for the types of hotels and everything that you get. One of my favorite places and it's not really at the top of any list as far as hot spots, I love Egypt and I love Egypt because you have got culture, you have got beaches, you got sand, you got water, you got great diving, incredible experiences and you are going to pay just a fraction of the cost that you would pay in any other place. You can get a five star hotel a lot of times for $90 a night in Egypt. So, it makes a really fantastic experience. We can actually custom tailor and itinerary that includes a lot for a surprisingly low amount.