What benefits should I offer to my nanny?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nanny Jaclyn Gobuluk discusses what benefits you should offer to your nanny.

    Host: What benefits should I offer to my nanny?

    Jaclyn Gobuluk: Benefits that you should offer to a nanny would be two weeks paid vacation, one week paid sick leave and usually, you would want to offer the nanny seven federal holidays. How that breaks down is the two weeks paid vacation, one week is the family s choice of which they would like to on vacation of the nanny gets paid. One week is the nanny s choice. She will decide which week within that year that she would like time off and of course, that is paid.

    In addition to that is the five days sick leave. The nanny would be able to take five paid sick days within that one calendar year. After that, you would also want to consider giving the nanny paid federal holidays. Usually, there are seven or eight depending on what you consider a federal holiday. But you would want to consider paying your nanny for federal holidays. That it is the standard for all nannies with benefits.