What can be done to avoid re-injury from sports?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Jay Dicharry, director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator at the University of Virginia Health System, discusses what can be done to avoid re-injury from sports.

    Host: What can be done to avoid re-injury from sports?

    Jay Dicharry: The biggest thing we can do to avoid re-injury is to look at what caused the original injury in the first place. Was it a mistake in increasing our training volume too quickly? Was it an issue of changing our footwear? Was an issue in following somewhere else's training program? We should have been sticking to our own type of program. The idea is you want to figure out what the original factor was that caused over-stress to your body. One example can be found in some of these typical ankle sprains. A lot of us have sprained an ankle at one point in time and we tend to let that heal and we think it will go better and it is safe for us and it's important to realize that while the tissues around the ankle tend to heal pretty well, one of the thing that is tremendously impacted is our balance ability and so that lack of being able to balance and control our foot and ankle tend to lead to us to re-sprain every sprain. So practicing single leg balance exercises has been shown to have tremendous success in decreasing the tendency for a previous injury down the line.